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Product Liability

After seeing the Chinese Imports and Food Safety video, consider whether U.S. retailers that make use of products or raw ingredients that are imported from China and are poorly regulated must be liable in tort for injuries to consumers who are injured by those products. Answer parts a and b of the prompt.

a. For this part of the prompt answer one of the subsequent points-

• If U.S. companies must not be liable then they could be legally exempt from tort liability. Deliberate the consequences of such a policy to U.S. consumers.

• If the U.S. companies must be liable, then those companies wouldn't be legally exempt from tort liability. Deliberate the consequences of such a policy to U.S. businesses.

b. Nevertheless of your response to part a assume that U.S. retailers do have legal liability for defective products. What phases could U.S. retailers as well as manufacturers take when using products imported from China that would minimize their liability exposure? For instance, they could warn consumers about the potential, though speculative, dangers when utilizing products comprised of poorly regulated ingredients or components. Given your strategy what defies would exist for U.S. businesses that applied your strategy?

Reference no: EM1374660


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