Define the concepts of symmetric key encryption

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Write around 600 to 800 words for each of the short-essay questions. All questions are of equal value. You should provide credible references for each question according to the Faculty of Business guidelines.


Define the concepts of symmetric key encryption, public key encryption, and hashing and explain which of these techniques are used for confidentiality and authentication.

Secure Networks

You are security administrator responsible for your organization security. Using the content of the book, describe in detail at least two ways to defend your company from denial of service attacks

Access Control

You are security administrator responsible for your organization security, list rules for working in secure areas. Please include how should trash bins be protected? and What can be done to reduce the dangers of desktop PC theft and unauthorized use?


The two types of filtering IDSs use are deep Packet inspection and packet stream analysis, explain why they are important and why they are processing intensive

Reference no: EM13821719

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