Define risk, scrm and different types of supply chain risk

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This assignment is about the supply chain risk but course name is "global logistics and supply chain management"

I have an assignment in "Global logistics & supply chain Management" course, for master level, requirements and sequence of the project as the following:

"with increasing disasters and uncertain business environment supply chain Risk management will have significant role to ensure the smooth functioning of supply chain"

Write a report on SCRM. the report should not be detailed description of everything you have read but a specific set of observations and recommendations. the general guidelines for the project are as follows:

Introduction :

General definition of risk and SCRM, and what is the report is talking about.

Literature Review:

1. Define Risk, SCRM and different Types of supply chain risk. (from the provided articles )

2. Analyse three theories or models which have been used in managing supply chain risk. ( from provided articles) and (from the provided Power points slides provided)

3. Suggest any two models or theory which can be used to manage supply chain risk with justification. (not from the provided articles, find other articles from emerald )

Reference no: EM135131

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