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1. Please compare and contrast economic, market, and relevancy value.

2. Discuss uncertainty as it relates to the overall logistical performance cycle. How can performance cycle variance be controlled?

3. Please explain the differences between transactional and relationship marketing and how they impact logistics performance.

4. How does a firm's marketing strategy impact decisions regarding its manufacturing strategy?

5. What are the financial, supply chain, and human resource challenges a firm may confront when implementing an integrate Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system?

6. Please discuss how a minor change in demand at the retail level can significantly impact supply chain variation for wholesale distributors, manufacturers/assemblers, and raw materiel/piece part suppliers?

7. Why has there been a trend within supply chain logistics management to push inventory back towards its sources within a distribution channel?

8. Compare and contrast the transport principles of economy of scale and economy of distance.

9. Please discuss and illustrate the economic justification for establishing a warehouse.

10. What types of product and logistical applications are most suited to an Automated Storage and/or Retrieval System environments?

Reference no: EM13671

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