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Service quality focuses on satisfying customers' needs in the moments of truth during service encounters where the customers form perceptions of the service delivered/received. Critically discuss how service organisations can use the five dimensions of service quality as proposed by Parasuraman, Berry and Zeithaml (1988) to manage customer satisfaction during service delivery


The unique characteristics of services significantly impact on the delivery of tourism service products. Discuss the four distinctive characteristics of services and illustrate them with reference to a service product of your choice


Critically discuss why service recovery procedures, after a service failure though intent on satisfying customers, tend to lead to dissatisfaction. Use relevant examples to illustrate your answer


Services are usually produced and consumed simultaneously, in many cases the customer has to enter the service facilities and be within the servicescape before the customer can make the purchase decision. Describe what is meant by the term "servicescape", detailing the usefulness of this concept in relation to new services and/or improving the existing services


Relationship marketing focuses primarily on the development of relationships between the organisation and the customer. Define Relationship Marketing and describe why it may be of particular importance to service marketers

Reference no: EM133293


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