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A student determined the Ca^2+ ion content of a 100 mL sample of calcium-fortified orange juice. After adding 2.0 M HCl solution to the sample, the student filtered the juice to remove the pulp and other particulate matter. Then the student added Na2CO3 solution precipitate CaC03. The student recovered 0.2818 g of CaC03 from the resulting mixture.

A) Calculate the number of milligrams of Ca^2+ ion in the analyzed juice sample.

B) As prepared, the density of the juice was 0.958 g ml. Calculate the mass percent of Ca^2+ ion in the analyze

C) According to the juice label, "each serving contains 20% of the USRDA of calcium," and one serving is defined as 6 oz or 178 mL. Does the student's analysis verify this claim? Briefly explain.

Reference no: EM13498516


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