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Converting Grams and Moles
To do this assignment, use your calculator to do the calculations required. Then invert the calculator to read the message word. Insert the message word into the appropriate space in the statement. Round off all atomic masses to the nearest whole number before using them.

When handing in your assignment, be sure to show all of your workings in the determination of your answers.

1. a. Mass of 100 mol of arsenic =
b. Add mass of 1 mol of cesium to (a) =
c. Add 101 to (b) =
Word answer for 1

2. a. Number of mols in 10 003 g of hydrogen =
b. Add the mass of 3,281 mol of carbon to (a) =
c. Add (1.c.) to (2.b.) =
Word answer for 2

3. a. Mass of 10 mol of germanium =
b. Add mass of 1 mol of Neon to (a) =
c. Subtract mass of a mol of calcium from (b) =
Word answer for 3

Reference no: EM13125898


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