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1. What is the standard of proof in a criminal case? What is it in a civil Case?

2. Define a crime?

3. Who are the parties to a criminal action?

4. What are the general classifications of a crime? Describe the differences.

5. What are the two elements that must be proven for a person to be found guilty of most crimes? Describe them.

6. What are the differences between a criminal and civil case?

7. Can criminal acts be the basis for tort actions? If so, provide two examples.

8. Describe at least 3 common crimes.

9. What is meant by the term "white collar crime"? Provide at least 2 examples of a white collar crime

10. What is the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act?

11. What does RICO stand for? Discuss the act very briefly.

12. Describe the Constitutional protection against unreasonable search and seizure.

13. Discuss the Federal antiterrorism Act briefly.

14. What are your Miranda Rights and what Constitutional Amendment are they derived from? When do they apply?

15. What is Constitutional protection against double jeopardy?

16. When are you entitled by the Constitution to a public jury trial?


Reference no: EM13234534


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