Define 3-phenylpropanal is allowed to mix

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Show the product that forms when 3-phenylpropanal is allowed to mix with sodium hydroxide catalyst.

Reference no: EM13544908


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  How many moles of hno3 were reacted

In the unbalanced reaction, Sn + HNO3 ---> Sn(NO3)2 + H2), 2.100 grams of Sn(NO3)2 was formed. How many grams of NO were formed and how many moles of HNO3 were reacted? (HINT: the coefficient of Sn is 3).

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Correlation of structure with the melting point - What structural aspect of these 18-carbon fatty acids can be correlated with the melting point?

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A sample of a new compound is burned in an excess of air to produced CO2 and H2O. If 0.468 g of the sample produce 0.458 g of CO2 and 0.094 g of H2O and the molar mass is about 230, what is the likely molecular formula of this compound?

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Calculate the pH at the equivalence point for titrating 0.250 solutions of each of the following bases with 0.250 M HBr

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In a lab experiment demonstrating Beer's law, the absorbance of a 0.15 M sample of solution A was 0.750 at the wavelength of maximum absorbance. What is the molar absorptivity (extinction coefficient) if the path length is 1 cm

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How many liters of H_2 would be formed at 704 mm Hg and 14 degrees C if 21.5 g of zinc was allowed to react?

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A quantity of 11.05 mL of a KOH solution is needed to neutralize 0.3749 g of KHP. What is the concentration (in molarity) of the KOH solution

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the molar enthalpy of vaporization of water at 373 k and 1.00 atm is 40.7 kjmol. what fraction of this energy is used

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