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In decision theory terminology, probabilities are associated with: 
(a) alternatives. 
(b) guarantees. 
(c) payoffs. 
(d) states of nature. 

_________ is a quantity that provides a measure of how far each sample point is from the regression line. 
(a) The SSR 
(b) The SSE 
(c) The SST 
(d) The MSR 

The overall significance of a regression model is tested using an F-test. The model is statistically significant if: 
(a) the F value is low. 
(b) the significance level of the F-value is low. 
(c) the r squared value is low. 
the slope is lower than the intercept. 

When the sales volume achieves neither profit nor loss to the organization is it called the: 
(a) break-even point. 
(b) sensitivity point. 
(c) profit Impact point. 
(d) cash Flow point. 

Reference no: EM13225213

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