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Q1) 3 different fertilizers were applied to field of celery. In calculating F, how many  degrees of freedom are there in the numerator?


Q2) The electronics company wishes to compare quality of their cell phones to cell phones from 3 competitors. They sample 10 phones from each company and count number of defects for each phone. If ANOVA were utilized to compare average number of defects, treatments would be defined as:


Q3) If correlation between two independent variables of regression analysis is 0.11 and each independent variable is highly correlated to dependent variable, what does this point to?


Q4) Assume a package delivery company purchased 14 trucks at same time. 5 trucks were bought from manufacturer A, four from B and five from manufacturer C. Cost of maintaining each truck was recorded. Company used ANOVA to test if mean maintenance cost of trucks from each manufacturer were equal. To apply F test, how many degrees of freedom are in denominator?


Q5) Mean length of = small counter balance bar is 43 millimetres. There is concern that the adjustments of machine producing bars have changed. Test claim at the 0.02 level that there has been no change in mean length. Alternate hypothesis is that there has been change. 12 bars (n = 12) were selected at random and their lengths recorded. The lengths are (in millimetres) 42, 39, 42, 45, 43, 40, 39, 41, 40, 42, 43 and 42. Mean of the sample is 41.5 and standard deviation 1.784. Computed t = - 2.913.  Has there been statistically significant change in mean length of the bars?


Q6) What is our decision regarding differences between observed and expected frequencies if critical value of chi-square is 9.488 and computed value is 6.079.

Reference no: EM1319530

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