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"What deceptive marketing practices have you personally witnessed? Are they price, promotion, product, or packaging based?"

The journal article is required reading for preparing your original answers to the Discussion Questions.

Reference no: EM131888

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Marketing Management Questions & Answers

  Marketing plan - create a new product

The assignment in marketing is about competitive analysis for a new product namely "heated insoles". These heated insoles can be put in shoes and they can protect the wearer's feet by keeping them warm during cold winters.

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Hubspot: Inbound Marketing and Web 2.0

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Provide an executive summary of the individual research

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Customer relationship management system implementation

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Please refer to the PDF for the Case Study and questions.The case study from Harvard Business School is about Yamato Corporation, a parcel delivery company which provides door to door delivery in Japan.

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  Integrated marketing communication

Developing an IMC plan of Amazon that aims to create awareness and knowledge amongst Singaporean  consumers of the ethics involved in buying clothing made from Bangladeshi factories  .

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The assignment in marketing is about preparing a marketing plan. As part of marketing plan, the SWOT analysis, assessing the competitive position, identifying critical competitive issues, marketing objectives, strategy and actions have been suggested..

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International financial contagion in currency crises

  Integrated marketing communication

Integrated marketing communication

  Managing services in competitive environment

Services can be defined as separately identifiable, intangible activities which provide want-satisfaction when marketed to household consumers and/or industrial users.

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