Current changes in long-term care

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Write a research paper on the "Current changes in long-term care."

Conduct an in-depth literature review of scholarly journals for current changes in long-term care. Choose a particular long-term care facility on which you would want to base your research work.

Research the Library and the Internet to read about your chosen long-term facility.

Create a one-page synopsis of the current changes in your preferred long-term facility. In the synopsis, discuss about your preferred facility and provide a rationale for your preference. In addition, include a list of five preliminary references for possible use in the assignment. The references should be in the APA style.

Grading Criteria 
Created a one-page synopsis discussing your preferred facility.
Included the rationale for your choice of facility.
Included a list of five preliminary references to be used in the assignment.
Used correct spelling, grammar, professional vocabulary, and cited all sources using the APA style.

Reference no: EM13189818


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