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Question: A non-profit organization would like you to lead a Web site development project. The organization has Internet access that includes space on a Web server, but no experience developing Web sites. In addition to creating its Web site, the organization would like you to train two people on its staff to do simple web page updates. The Web site should include the following information, as a minimum: description of the organization (mission, history, and recent events), list of services, and contact information. The organization wants the Web site to include graphics (photographs and other images) and have an attractive, easy-to-use layout.

Create a WBS for this project and enter the tasks in Microsoft Project. For the WBS, as the book states, this isn't the part of the development that the work activities are put into logical order or where predecessor or successor work is determined. That is done for the next part of the assignment when you enter the tasks in MS Project. Link the tasks as appropriate in MS Project (using dependencies - - Dependencies are discussed at the beginning of the next chapter if you need clarity.) Some of the specific analysis, design, and implementation tasks will be to:

- Collect information on the organization in hard copy and digital form (brochures, reports, organization charts, photographs, and so on).

- Research Web sites of similar organizations.

- Collect detailed information about the customer's design preferences and access to space on a Web server.

- Develop a template for the customer to review (background color for all pages, position of navigation buttons, layout of text and images, typography, including basic text font and display type, and so on).

- Create a site map or hierarchy chart showing the flow of Web pages.

- Digitize the photographs and find other images for the Web pages; digitize hard copy text.

- Create the individual Web pages for the site.

- Test the pages and the site.

- Implement the Web site on the customer's Web server.

- Get customer feedback.

- Incorporate changes.

- Create training materials for the customer on how to update the Web pages

- Train the customer's staff on updating the Web pages.

- Add the remaining tasks for this project. Make sure that you set the predecessor and successors for each task.

Reference no: EM131523435


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