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Consider the following hypothesis test:

H0: µ = 15

Ha: µ ≠ 15

A sample of 50 provided a sample mean of 14.15. The population standard deviation is 3.

a. Compute the value of the test statistic (to 2 decimals).

b. What is the p-value (to 4 decimals)?

c. Using α = .05, can it be concluded that the population mean is not equal to 15? 

Answer the next three questions using the critical value approach.

d. Using α = .05, what are the critical values for the test statistic? (+ or -)

e. State the rejection rule: Reject H0 if z is the lower critical value and the upper critical value.

f. Can it be concluded that the population mean is not equal to 15?

Reference no: EM1311614

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