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To find the 95% confidence interval for the true population mean.

From the results below, is it true that 95% of the sample means will fall between 10.99408 and 11.00192 inches? Explain.

Problem is to estimate the mean paper length with 95% confidence

Mean- 11 inches

Standard deviation of the length is 0.02inches

Random sample 100 sheets

Mean paper length is 10.998 inches.

Z=1.96 for 95% Confidence.

Mean + or - stand dev/square root n = 10.998 + or - 0.02/square root (100)

                                                            = 10.998 +or - 0.00392

                                                            = 10.99408 ≤ µ ≤ 11.00192



Reference no: EM1316662


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