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Calculate the atomic mass of neon (Ne) which is composed of three naturally occurring isotopes with the following natural abundances and masses:

a) 90.51% Ne - 20 (mass = 19.992 amu) b) 0.27% Ne - 21 (mass = 20.993 amu) c) 9.22% Ne - 22 (mass = 21.991 amu) Show your work.

8. Essay (1 points) 1.0000000000 Moles

How many moles of carbon are there in a diamond weighing 2.11 grams? Show your work.

9. Essay (1 points) 1.0000000000 Isotopes

Determine the number of protons, neutrons and electrons in each of the following:

Protons Neutrons Electrons

a) 23Na+

b) 81Br-

c) 16O2-

10. Essay (1 points) 1.0000000000 Electron Configurations

How many valence electrons are in each of the following elements?






Reference no: EM13179872


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