Compare and contrast male and female gang members

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Compare and contrast male and female gang members. Why do these differences exist?

Determine the family and school risk factors for gang involvement.

Discuss the three models used to understand the relationship between delinquency and gang involvement. Which do you agree with most? Why?

Name and explain various juvenile justice responses to the youth gang problem.

What is the prevalence of school violence today? Discuss the steps taken to prevent school violence?

What are the alternatives police officers have in dealing with juveniles? Do you think amount of discretion give to law enforcement in dealing with youth is appropriate? Explain.

Distinguish between "traditional" bullying and "cyber" bullying. Is one more serious than the other? Explain why or why not.

Discuss the four pronged threat assessment approach and its purpose.

Compare and contrast the Justice Model with the Welfare Model.

Distinguish between and give examples for static and dynamic risk factors. How do these factors play a part in the pretrial process?

Compare and contrast therapeutic and coercive treatment. Which do you believe is most effective? Support your answer.

What are the characteristics of juvenile court? Why are these important in dealing with juveniles?

Describe the four components that are typically included in a modern, comprehensive graduated sanctions system. What are the essential features of this system? Why is it important to have these features?

Explain and discuss the importance of reentry and aftercare. Why is it important to plan for it in advance? When should planning start?

What is meant by gender based responsivity? What are the six guiding principles for effective treatment for females?

Reference no: EM13767267


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