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1) With all else being equal in the online environment, goods with any of the following product characteristics are expected to facilitate greater online sales except:
a. relatively expensive items.

b. high brand recognition.

c. digitized format.

d. frequently purchased items.

2) Dell’s distribution strategy is best described as ________.

a. a brick-and-mortar strategy

b. a shared service mall strategy

c. a click-and-mortar strategy

d. direct marketing from a manufacturer

3) A marketer that uses e-mail to advertise to potential customers is called a ________.

a. market maker

b. transaction broker

c. content disseminator

d. viral marketer

4) All of the following are revenue models for online independent travel agents except:

a. direct marketing revenues.

b. direct revenues from commissions.

c. subscription or membership fees.

d. revenue sharing fees.

5) Which is not a characteristic of social computing technologies?

a. Social computing is increasingly playing a larger role in corporate online strategy.

b. Social computing has shifted online travel from passive selling to active customer engagement.

c. Companies that implement social computing technologies on their own websites should view it primarily as a sales tool and less as supporting business goals.

d. Social computing plays an important role by providing more correct and relevant information.

6) One of the characteristics of Web 2.0 in the travel industry is ________.

a. standardization

b. segmentation

c. personalization

d. intermediation

7) Characteristics of the job market and employment placement include all of the following except:

a. they are very stable.

b. there is an unbalanced supply and demand.

c. career portals on corporate websites reduce recruitment costs.

d. the job market has essentially moved online.

8) The TRUSTe seal is an example of ________.

a. a business rating

b. an intermediary

c. a B2B exchange

d. a trustmark

9) A(n) ________ is someone whose advice or view carries some weight in making a final purchasing decision.

a. initiator

b. influencer

c. decider

d. buyer

10) Marketing and advertising approaches have evolved from mass marketing to market segmentation to one-to-one marketing. This evolution occurred because ___________.

a. the marketing focus shifted from customers to products

b. companies sought to decrease the number of marketing campaigns

c. concerns about privacy have diminished

d. the Internet enabled companies to better communicate with customers and understand their needs and buying habits

11) By increasing customer loyalty, EC companies can achieve each of the following benefits except:

a. lower marketing and advertising costs.

b. higher warranty claims costs.

c. lower transaction costs.

d. lower resistance to competitors.

12) Procter & Gamble (P&G) used the Internet in the new product development of Whitestrips, a teeth-brightening product. Based on this experience, P&G ___________.

a. decided to add Internet research to its traditional marketing test model

b. could not determine the target market segments for the Whitestrips

c. learned that the cost of online surveys was about the same as similarly sized telephone surveys, but online surveys expedited research considerably

d. reduced the time-to-market from concept to market launch by approximately two years

13) The use of cookies ___________.

a. is one of the most controversial issues in EC

b. has not helped Internet marketers target their ads

c. is a widely used method for mass marketing

d. is being replaced by adware and spyware programs

14) Two key factors limiting the use of personalization to more precisely target marketing effort to individual customers are ____________.

a. matching profiles with product offerings and delivering those offerings

b. communication costs and filtering costs

c. privacy and trust issues

d. lack of customer loyalty and service customization costs

15) Which of the following statement about Web mining is false?

a. Web mining refers to the use of data mining techniques for discovering and extracting

information from Web documents.

b. Web mining explores both Web content and Web usage.

c. Web mining uses customer data to infer or predict customer interest in other products or services.

d. Usage analysis is derived from clickstream data.

16) What is the key problem that biometric marketing is intended to solve?

a. Knowing the identity of the actual shopper

b. Improving accuracy of the shopper’s data

c. Increasing the speed of order processing

d. Creating a loyalty program

17) ________, such as concerts and videos, can generate tremendous public excitement and bring huge crowds to a website.

a. Live Web events

b. Webcasting

c. Phone casting

d. Mobile casting

18) As the volume of customers, products, vendors, and information increases, it becomes uneconomical or impossible for customers to consider all relevant information, and available products/services. The practical solution to handling such information overload is _________.

a. to use permission marketing

b. to use software or intelligent agents

c. to increase the use of ad agencies

d. to design Web sites with minimal content

19) ________ can be supported more effectively and efficiently through direct buyer-seller negotiations that are either offline or online, which can be done in private exchanges.

a. Strategic sourcing

b. Spot buying

c. B2C e-commerce

d. MRO

20) What are the two types of materials and supplies that are traded in B2B?

a. Digital and physical

b. Direct and indirect

c. Horizontal and vertical

d. Commodities and nonproduction

21) Nonproduction materials such as equipment and tools that support production are called ____________.

a. indirect materials

b. operational materials

c. direct materials

d. virtual materials

22) The major B2B service industries include each of the following except:

a. travel.

b. financial.

c. stock trading.

d. retail.

23) By using the Internet and automatic-response software agents, GE reduced the cost of customer service calls from $5.00 per call when done by phone to ________ per electronically answered call.

a. $2.50

b. $1.00

c. $0.20

d. $0.05

24) Companies use ________ to sell their unneeded assets for quick disposal or to dispose of excess, obsolete and returned products.

a. private auctions

b. liquidation

c. reverse auctions

d. forward auctions

25) Benefits of e-procurement over traditional procurement methods include all of the following except:

a. increasing the productivity of purchasing agents.

b. lowering purchase prices through product standardization, reverse auctions, volume

discounts, and consolidation of purchases.

c. increasing the skill requirements and training needs of purchasing agents.

d. streamlining invoice reconciliation and dispute resolution

Reference no: EM13395179

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