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The miniaturization of electronics along with the Internet is paving the way for a "network of things". Future networks will consist of tiny wireless microelectromechanical sensors (MEMS) capable of sensing and transmitting data.

These sensors, called "smart dust" or "data motes" contain computing circuits, a power supply and wireless communications technology. Each mote is capable of gathering scads of data, running computations and communicating that information to other motes at distances approaching 1,000 feet.

With continued breakthroughs in chip creation and fabrication, it is thoughts that motes could eventually become small electronic sensors the size of a grain of sand.

The embedded video below provides an overview behind the concept and possible uses of "Smart Dust".

Businesses are already collect a massive amount data but only about 35% of the information collected is analyzed. Smart Dust will enable businesses and organization to collect a great deal more.

Are businesses ready for Smart Dust? How should a company begin to adapt its current processing and processes in order to take advantage of the volumes of information Smart Dust will allow them to collect in the future?

Many believe society in general is not ready to Smart Dust. Several proponents have voiced concerns about privacy. primarily due to concerns regarding privacy. Is society ready for Smart Dust?

Reference no: EM131948243


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