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Create a 2-page business proposal document in Microsoft® Word addressing the following situation and requirements, making sure all points in the requirements section are covered.

Scenario: You have recently started employment at a small, but growing organization that lacks common software programs used for business. The organization currently does not have a word processing program and only uses freeware or other downloadable programs in writing business correspondence. Your new employer has asked you to gather information and write a business proposal encouraging executives to purchase and use Microsoft® Word.

At minimum, add and address the following topics in your proposal:

  • Include an introduction to your proposal.
  • Include a table that addresses the advantages, disadvantages, and costs of using Microsoft® Word.
  • Insert an appropriate picture or video into the proposal illustrating the usefulness of Microsoft® Word in the workplace. (Research online for this if needed)
  • Include SmartArt or Charts to make the proposal more visually appealing than a standard paper.
  • Include at least one paragraph describing the benefits and uses of Coauthoring and Collaboration that the organization might utilize with Microsoft® Word.
  • Include a conclusion as a final selling point to your audience.

Structure your response as a proposal rather than a research paper.

Follow APA formatting guidelines for any citations and references as needed.

Reference no: EM131523551


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