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Instructions: 1-page is needed. Answer each question in 2-3 paragraphs. Please use Scholarly journals or books for references. Also, APA citation is mandatory!!

Citing Legal Sources

In law, a citation is used to identify the source of any legal proposition or rationale introduced into a legal argument. The legal source can be the constitution, a statute, a reported case, a regulation, a government document, or a law review article.

A legal citation should have the following structure:

  • The name of the case
  • The volume number of the reporter containing the case
  • The abbreviation of that reporter
  • The page number in that reporter on which the case begins
  • The abbreviation of the court that decided the case
  • The year the case was decided

Question 1-Are all laws ethical? Why or why not? Provide examples of ethical and unethical laws.

Support your answer using examples and reasoning

Question 2-A statute gives the Department of the Interior the power to allow or curtail mining in the national forests "as the best interests of all users of the national forest shall dictate."

Is this a valid delegation of legislative power to the agency? Why or why not? Is this delegation of power too broad or too restrictive? To what extent can an administrative agency enact and enforce legislative rules and regulations?

Support your answers with examples and reasoning.

Reference no: EM13306417

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