Caux roundtable principles for international business

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1. Diversity training programs are generally intended toprovide a vehicle for _____.

A. eliminating group learning

B. balancing work/life conflicts

C. focusing on individual differences

D. socializing otherwise unmanageable employees

E. increasing awareness and examining stereotypes

2. Which of the following might a company consider to help employees address work-life conflicts?

A. offering off-site quality child-care

B. tie manager pay to customer satisfaction

C. reducing workloads

D. relocation assistance

E. keeping work-related travel reasonable

3. Which of the following is not one of the Caux RoundTable Principles for International Business?      

A. Respect for the Environment.

B. Avoidance of Illicit Operations.

C. Responsibility of Business Beyond Shareholders TowardStakeholders.

D. Support for Multilateral Trade.

E. Promotion of Multiculturalism.

Reference no: EM13338489


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