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Reference no: EM13788371

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Case study on cell biology and genetics : Cell Biology and Genetics
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  How would you diagnose a catalase deficiency

People with Takahara's disease don't produce catalase. Although often asymptomatic, this condition can lead to recurrent oral infections by peroxide-generating bacteria. How would you diagnose a catalase deficiency?

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The amino acid threonine has a hydroxyl side chain for which the pKa is 8.18. Calculate what fraction of the threonine side chains will carry a negative charge at pH 7.

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Cut wings is an X chromosome recessive mutant of D melanogaster. Antennaless is an autosomal recessive mutant. A cut, antennaless female is mated to a wild-type male.

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How to write a discussion section for my electroencephalogram (EEG) lab report when all charts and data are already present.

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Consider a discontinuous trait relating to the management of cholesterol in humans. Assume the trait is controlled by just 2 unlinked genes. For the cholesterol receptor gene 9 different alleles exist. For the cholesterol processing enzyme 5 disti..

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Neurospora is a haploid, filamentous fungus normally having fluffy, orange masses of asexual spores called conidia. 2-mutant strains, one having albino conidia,

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CTP differs from UTP by a single nitrogen atom in place of oxygen on the pyrimidine ring. What serves as the source of the nitrogen atom in the reaction catalyzed by CTP Synthetase?

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q1. a late autumn rain falls equally over a catchment at a rate of 9cmhr for two hours. mean soil infiltration rate for

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Using a cDNA library, you isolated two different cDNA clones that hybridize with your probe for a nerve growth factor gene. The beginning and ending sequences of the clones are the same by the middle sequence is different. How can you explain the ..

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describe the range of CF phenotypes. List the other organs besides lungs that are affected and how does it affects those organs.

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Cindy is following the adkins diet which has placed her body into ketosis resulting from increased lipolysis. The ketones decrease pH and cause metabolic acidosis. Identify two mechanisms that would homeostatically compensate.

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What would happen to respiration if we add a buffer or base to the external environment of the bacteria? (assume bacteria is in a closed environment like a tube) How would this affect the mechanism of respiration?

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