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A new program is developed to enrich thekindergarteneperience of children in prepararion doe first grade. Hillmont school system tries out the new curriculum in one classroom and compares ir with another classroom using the old ccurriculum. Pupils in each classroom are tested at the beginning of the school year (the pretest) and again at the end of the school year (the posttest). The test gives a score of 10 if the pupil perfors at grade level. The scores for the two new classes are given at right.

a. Determine sperately for each group whether performance improved from pretest to posttest. Assume α = .05 and a non directional alternative hypothesis.

b. Determine separately for each group whether the posttest scores are significantly higher than grade-level performance, that is µ = 10. (Note, One-sample test)

c. Calculate the correlation between pretest and posttest scores separately for each gruop

Reference no: EM1381347


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