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Part One
Your task is to identify a business problem which can be solved by one of the following techniques: Decision theory, regression, forecasting, inventory and linear programming. Prepare a report to the management stating clearly the problem you are tackling, the data source, the technique applied, the optimal solution (with process reaching the solution, tables and graphs), the appropriate course of action and recommendation. 
If you are not working in a business organisation, your case study can be a report on forecasting (e.g. sales forecasting, market share, etc, etc) or a regression estimation for a listed company . We will have a discussion on topic selection in Week 1 tutorial. 
Part One of Case Study 2 will be submitted in two copies: one copy for marking and the second copy for your peer to be used for their Part Two of the Case Study 2. No submission extension is granted. 
The Part One will be marked according to whether the quantitative technique applied appropriately and whether the report is prepared properly. 

Part Two 
You are the manager who received the report (from Part One). With the experience gained from Case Study 1, your task is to evaluate the report from a manager's perspective for whether the report finding serve the objective of the report purported; whether the quantitative technique achieved what supposed to be, whether recommendation can be implemented.

Reference no: EM13140216


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