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Scenario: Company X, a multinational manufacturing company based in the US, produces and sells boxed cereals. X grows some of the grain used in its cereals, and buys the other ingredients for its products from suppliers in the US and overseas. X has an existing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program called Breakfast First through which it donates cereal products to homeless shelters, and to the Red Cross for distribution to areas where needed; . X is considering spending even more money to create one or two new CSR programs.

Assume the role of Milton Friedman addressing top management and the Board of Directors for Company X. Friedman’s role is to recommend against the new CSR programs for X; he must explain and justify his theory that the “business of business is business…” and the primary focus of a business is maximizing profits is also ethical.

You might want to write your response in the form of a memorandum to management and the Board of Directors from Friedman OR simply write your response in an essay/speech type format.

Reference no: EM131150469

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