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Question1. The time spent on job search rises when:

a. unemployment compensation decreases
b. unemployment compensation increases
c. the efficiency wage rate is lowered
d. more young people enter the labor force.

Question2. The productivity curve:

a. has a positive slope
b. has a negative slope
c. is vertical
d. is horizontal

Question3. Determine which of the following is not one of the basic preconditions for economic growth?

a. markets
b. property rights
c. investment in human capital
d. monetary exchange

Question4. Assume that capital per hour of labor grew enough to increase GDP per hour of labor by 3 percent. Then, using the one-third rule, the growth in capital per hour of labor must have been:

a. 1 percent
b. 9 percent
c. 3 percent
d. 0 percent

Question5. A decrease in the amount of capital per hour of labor leads to:

a. an upward shift in the productivity curve.
b. a downward shift in the productivity curve.
c. a movement along the productivity curve to a higher level of output per hour of
d. a movement along the producitivity cure to a lower level of output per hour of labor

Question6. Depository institutions

a. make profit from the spread between the interest rate they pay on deposits and
the interest rate they receive on loans.
b. earn profit according to how much the federal reserve pays them.
c. earn money by charging the government for their services.
d. earn zero profit but receive compensation by the government because there
services are so valuable.

Question7. If a $750 bond promises to pay $30 per year, the intereate rate is ________.

Question8. Nominal GDP, PY is $7.5 trillion. The quantity of money is $3 trillion. The velocity of
circulation is ________.

Question9. The quantity of money is an economy is $9 million, and the velocity of circulation is 3. Nominal GDP is this economy is ___________.

Question10. Suppose that last year the Consumer Price Index was 124; this year it is 130.7. What was the inflation rate between these years?


Reference no: EM1373539


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