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The 2014 balance sheet of Jordan’s Golf Shop, Inc., showed long-term debt of $5.6 million, and the 2015 balance sheet showed long-term debt of $5.85 million. The 2015 income statement showed an interest expense of $185,000. The 2014 balance sheet showed $550,000 in the common stock account and $4.7 million in the additional paid-in surplus account. The 2015 balance sheet showed $590,000 and $5.1 million in the same two accounts, respectively. The company paid out $555,000 in cash dividends during 2015. Suppose you also know that the firm’s net capital spending for 2015 was $1,410,000, and that the firm reduced its net working capital investment by $77,000. What was the firm’s 2015 operating cash flow, or OCF?

Reference no: EM131524977


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