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1. What is the correct way to annualize an interest rate in financial decisions?

2. John is watching an old game show on rerun television called Let’s Make a Deal in which you have to choose a prize behind one of two curtains. Behind one of the curtains is a gag prize worth $ 150, and behind the other is a round-the-world trip worth $7,200. The game show has placed a subliminal message on the curtain containing the gag prize, which makes the probability of choosing the gag prize equal to 75 percent. What is the expected value of the selection, and what is the standard deviation of that selection?

3. Zippy Corporation just sold $30 million of convertible bonds with a conversion ratio of 40. Each $1,000 bond is convertible into 25 shares of Zippy’s stock.

a. What is the conversion price of Zippy’s stock?

b. If the current price of Zippy’s stock is $15 and the Company’s annual stock return is normally distributed with a standard deviation of $5, what is the probability that investors will find it attractive to convert the bond into Zippy stock in the next year?

Reference no: EM132014699


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