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In 300 words or more, analyze the value of leadership theory for contemporary and future organizations. There are established leadership theories and streams with quite long research histories; other streams of leadership theory, as shown in Figure 1.1 on page 7 of The Nature of Leadership text, have a comparatively shorter history of research. Why might this be so?

Use the Table of Theoretical Characteristics linked attached to help answer the question. Explain briefly (a few short paragraphs) why certain theories seem to endure and generate more research based on the publication history of seminal theorists, the stature of the university where the researchers are located, the availability of instruments, number of citations of the seminal work, and contemporary calls for further research.

I attached the Nature of leadership text and the Table of Theoretical Characteristics link.

Attachment:- Table of Theoretical Characteristics.pdf

Attachment:- ebook Chapter 1.pdf

Reference no: EM131032249


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