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Analyze the Indian Railways (Nag, 2013) procurement case study in terms of the following:

Source selection methodology

Procurement oversight and regulation

Competition between suppliers

Ethics and accountability in procurement

Be sure your paper contains a titled section for each of the four areas listed above. Each of these sections must contain at least one in-text citation that follows quoted text from the article supporting your analysis.

Each of these in-text citations must include the paragraph number of the article in which the quoted text appears, per APA citation requirements.

Prior to the four titled sections above, you must include a titled introduction paragraph that specifies the purpose of the paper and how it is arranged, and a titled section that provides a summary of the case.

The length of the content of the paper must be at least four pages. The length is not inclusive of the title and reference pages. References must include the Nag (2013) article and three additional scholarly sources.

Reference no: EM131524100


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