Analyze recent trends in world trade and foreign investments

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1) Introduction: Include an overview of the topic. Write it in such a manner which depicts the arrangement of the assignment.

2) Contents/ Discussions: Discussion should be relevant to the subject matter. Use convincing evidences to support your answers.

3) Use of relevant examples: use current examples related to international business. Avoid generalities.

4) Conclusions and recommendations: your conclusions and recommendations should be convincing and tie the logical flow of analysis.

5) Coverage and sequencing: answer the question in full and in order. Use accurate number of words . don't exceed the word limit.

6) Academic references: use the Harvard referencing system in an consistent and appropriate manner.

1. Analyze recent trends In world trade and foreign investments with specific reference to FDI in retail sector. Illustrate how it will help developing countries. Select a company and describe the international business strategies.

2. Select a country and explain the rise of Pharmaceutical or Hospitality industry by using the theory of comparative advantage and Michael Porter diamond theory. Does this analysis help explain the rise of this industry in the country of your choice?

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Reference no: EM13670219

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