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Write a case study for a medium-sized manufacturing corporation with 250 employees. The task is to create a team that will work together over a 9-month time frame to develop a proposal for a new business model and growth strategies. Team members must come from 3 different functional areas.

3-5 page analysis of the leadership styles and characteristics of effective leaders, based on a leader that's admired on leadership approaches. Briefly describe organization of selected leader, service and products or service it provides, i.e size, yrs in bus, location reputation, etc. Analyze Leadership styles & characteristics and compare own leadership styles/characteristics; analyze environmental and societal factors and economic condition influence

3-5 pages, summarizing three leadership theories; choices are Participative Leadership, Situational Leadership, Contingency Theories, Transactional Leadership, Transformational Leadership, Great Man Theory, Trait Theory, Behavioral Theories- Role & Managerial.

Reference no: EM13844646

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Analysis of the leadership styles and characteristics : Write a case study for a medium-sized manufacturing corporation with 250 employees. 3-5 page analysis of the leadership styles and characteristics of effective leaders, based on a leader that's admired on leadership approaches
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