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Part 1: Using the Library, web resources, and/or other materials, find the logarithmic formula that gives the pH of a substance. State what each variable in your equation represents.

Find the hydrogen ion content of a substance of your choice. Using this hydrogen ion content, show how to find the pH of the substance using the formula. Is this substance acidic or basic? Why? Round the pH to three decimal places.

Part 2: Suppose that the number of cars, C, on 1st Avenue in a city over a period of time t, in months, is graphed on a rectangular coordinate system where time is on the horizontal axis. Suppose that the number of cars driven on 1st Avenue can be modeled by an exponential function, C= p * at where p is the number of cars on the road on the first day recorded. If you commuted to work each day along 1st Avenue, would you prefer that the value of a between 0 and 1 or larger than 1? Explain your reasoning.

Typing hint: Type formula above as C = p * a^t

Reference no: EM13120849


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