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Q1. The following information were obtained in a chemostat for the growth of E. aerogenes on aglycerol-limited growth medium.

Dilution Rate, D, h-1

Glycerol Conc., S, mg/ml

Cell conc., X, mg/ml

























Initial Substrate concentration (So) = 10 mg/ml

a. Determine the value of ms,? [mg glycerol / mg cell-hr]-

b. Determine the value of YX/S, [mg cells/mg glycerol]-

Question 6 options:

c. Determine the value of ?m [hr-1]-d. Determine the value of Ks [mg glycerol/ml]-

Hint: For C and D disregard the first point(D=0.05, S=0.012)because these points at low substrate concentration have very large influence on the fit to the data since the plot is versus 1/S. Thus the very low substrate points are often discarded unless they are perfect and don't have large influence on the solution.

Hint: For C and D disregard and last value(D=0.84,S=9.000) because thelast point in these data is for a high dilution rate and is the beginning of washout, so we will throw that one out as well. If you throw out both the first and last points, you should get the answer.

Reference no: EM1388802

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