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1. Describe and explain the advantages and disadvantages of small businesses entering into international markets. How are small businesses important to an economy?

2. Your boss has asked you to assist him after normal work hours with shredding some documents. The division vice president announced a federal level investigation in last week's "All-call; All-attend" staff meeting. You need your job and you want to help your boss. But you're just not sure in this particular situation. What is the ethical problem in this situation? What steps should you take? When should you take them? Who should you talk to about this? Why?

3. Describe and explain the various forces that affect trading in international markets. What are the advantages and disadvantages of trade protectionism?

4. Describe and explain the relationship between goals of a business venture, profit of the business venture and the impact that risk will have on such a venture.

Reference no: EM1318545


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