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Discuss your thoughts about the various production processes (Job Shop, Continuous Flow, Assembly line, Batch process  ) discussed to date, their similarities and differences. Identify some specific examples of some of the processes we discuss in this course (Norcen Industries, Jos A. Banks, etc.).

Reference no: EM13962455

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Cross-business opportunities : Identify the value chain relationships that exist for Johnson & Johnson. Consider whether there are cross-business opportunities for (a) transferring competitively valuable resources, expertise, technological know-how and other capabilities, (b) cost..
What is the utilization rate : Suppose that one of the Best Burger locations has a two channel system. The λ = 60 customers per hour and the µ = 60 customer per hour. What is the utilization rate? What is the probability that an arriving customer has to wait for service?
Find the average time in the system : A department store in Houston maintains a successful catalog sales department in which a clerk takes orders by phone. If the clerk is occupied on one line, incoming calls are answered by recording machine, which asks to wait. Find the average time in..
True of instant messaging : Which of the following is not true of instant messaging?
About various production processes-continuous flow : Discuss your thoughts about the various production processes (Job Shop, Continuous Flow, Assembly line, Batch process  ) discussed to date, their similarities and differences. Identify some specific examples of some of the processes we discuss in thi..
The internal or external environment : Please answer in two paragraphs and explain in detail why you feel this way. In looking at the industry in which you currently work, which life cycle stage do you think it is in at the present time? What do you see happening in the internal or extern..
Find the optimum stocking level : The Corner Newsstand has demand for a certain weekly magazine that can be approximated by a Poisson distribution with a mean of 9.0. Magazines are purchased for $1.50. If unsold copies must be destroyed and copies sell for $4.00 each, find the optimu..
Find order quantity that results in minimum inventory cost : Georgia products offers the following discounts schedule for its 4 by 8 foot sheets of good-quality plywood: Order Unit Cost ($) 99 sheets or less 18.00 100 to 299 sheets 17.00 300 to 499 sheets 16.00 500 or more 15.00 Home Sweet Home Company orders ..
Transporting your product in terms of cost : Assume that you are the supply chain manager for a producer of expensive, high-tech computer components. Identify the most suitable method(s) of transporting your product in terms of cost, transit time, reliability, capability, accessibility, and tra..


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