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Programming Language

 To communicate with a computer it has to be instructed to carry out various tasks like: what operations to perform, how to present results, when and how to make certain decisions, and so on. If we want to do our work on the computer, first at all this computer has to be instructed by us. These instructions are given to the computer using a tool called the computer language. This tool helps the user to communicate with the computer to get work done. Thus, the tool that is used for writing the set of instructions (programs) is called computer language.

We use computers to solve problems and perform calculations. We have to provide the computer with a set of instructions to solve the problems at hand. This set of instructions is called program, and the collection of such related programs is called software. Once we write a program to solve a specific type of problem, it can be used again and again to solve the same type of problems.

The programming language, which is needed for developing the software. Software is a collection of the program. Each natural language has a systematic method of using the symbol of that language. In English, the method is given by the rules of grammar. These rules tell us which word to use when and how to use it. Similarly, the symbols of a particular computer language must also be used as per the set of rules, which are known as the " Syntax Rules" of the language.

Computer languages can be classified into three broad categories:

1.  Machine Language

2. Assembly Language

3. High- Level Language

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