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Defining Portfolio Management

An investor who is considering investment in terms of securities is faced a problem of choosing from among a large number of securities and his choice will depend upon risk return characteristics of individual securities. He is faced with the problem of deciding which securities to hold or how much to invest in each securities. He would attempt to choose the most desirable securities or like to allocate his funds on this group of securities. The investor faces an infinite number of possible portfolios and groups of securities. The risk & return characteristics of portfolios are differ from those of individual securities combining to form a portfolio. The investor often tries to choose an optimal portfolio taking into consideration the risk return characteristics of all possible portfolios.

Phases of Portfolio Management

It (Portfolio Management) is a process around many activities aimed at optimizing the investment of one's funds. There are five phases may be identified in Portfolio Management process.

A. Security Analysis

B. Portfolio Analysis

C. Portfolio Selection

D. Portfolio Revision

E. Portfolio Evaluation

Each portfolio management phase is an integral part of the entire process & the success of it depends upon the efficiency in carrying out each of those phases. 

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