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The complete chemistry tutorial or study material has been compiled from various different sources which have always been the choice of toppers in various chemistry exams. The materials are prepared by kept in mind the requirements of various chemistry exams - so anyone can use this as chemistry study material or complete tutorials as well.

We have divided chemistry tutorials in three broad categories named physical chemistry, organic chemistry and inorganic chemistry. serves as a free resource or learning materials of chemistry for students. Available for all chemistry students seeking chemistry homework help is a variety of chemistry tutorials, test, quizzes and information to help with your chemistry learning needs.

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Chemistry lecture notes are prepared by very experienced professor specialized in their field.

Conceptual theory and summaries are targeted rather than brief details of topic.

Easy to learn for all grade level students.

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Well formatted and exact sequencing of all chemistry topics

Lecture notes cover almost all syllabuses of standard exams. 

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