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The d-block is the elements of the periodic table that contains groups 3-12. These d-block groups correspond to the filling of the atomic d-orbital subshell and having electron configurations ranging from s2d1 Group 3 to s2d10 Group 12. There are some irregularities in sequence; for example Cr is s1d5 (instead of s2d4) and the Group 11 metals are s1d10 (instead of s1d9), that the d-subshell is actually complete at Group 11.

The d-block elements are also known as transition elements and transition metals. The exact limits of the transition metal region are commonly not considered to be identical to the d-block. That’s why including only Groups 3 to Groups 11 as transition metals. Group 12 metals lack the characteristic physical and chemical properties associated with incomplete d-subshells and are also considered post-transition metals.

Although Lawrencium and Lutetium are in the d-block, these are not considered transition metals but an actinide and a lanthanide respectively, according to IUPAC. Group 12 elements are also come in the d-block but these are considered post-transition metals as their d-subshell is completely filled

The d-block elements in periodic table are considered between s-block and p-block elements. These elements are also called transition elements because they show transitional properties between s-block and p-block elements. The common electronic configuration of d-block elements is (n-1)d1-10ns0-2.
d block elements


Periodic Properties of d-block Elements

The d-block elements are metals mostly.
The d-block elements exhibit variable oxidation states. (Except Zn, Sc, Cd etc.)
The d-block compounds are coloured.
They form complexes by acting as Lewis acids
The d-block compounds and elements show ferromagnetic, paramagnetic behaviour. They act like good catalysts.

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