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The p-block elements are grouped in periodic table having the last six groups excluding helium (located in the s-block). In the p-block elements, the highest energy electron occupies p-orbital. The p-block contains all of the nonmetals (except for Helium and Hydrogen which are s-block elements) and semimetals, as well as some of the other metals.

The p-block groups are following

13 (IIIB, IIIA): Boron group
14 (IVB, IVA): Carbon group
15 (VB, VA): Nitrogen group (or pnictogens)
16 (VIB, VIA): Chalcogens
17 (VIIB, VIIA): Halogens
18 (Group 0): Noble gases (excluding helium)

Properties of p-Block elements: (p block elements contain p-electrons in their valence shell)

  • P-block elements are non-metals mostly.
  • These elements have variable oxidation states.
  • These elements form acidic oxides
  • These elements form covalent compounds. Halogens form salts with alkali metals
  • The aqueous solutions their oxides are acidic in nature.
  • No characteristic colour to the flame
  • They have high ionization potentials.
  • They have very large electron gain enthalpies.
  • State: Solids/liquids/gases at room temperature (Br is liquid)

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