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General characters-

1. Habit and habitat: Aquatic, fresh water or marine, cold blooded vertebrates.

2. Skin: Covered with scales, bony plates or dermal denticies.

3. Body: It is usually streamlined but some are elongated, few are dorso¬ventrally compressed and some are snake like.

4. Fins: Paired or unpaired with soft or spiny rays.

5. Endoskeleton: Cartilaginous and bony.

6. Respiratory organs: Gills, but accessory respiratory organs are also present. The gill slits open outside. These are covered in bony fishes. These gill slits are never more than seven.

7. Lateral line system: Well developed.

8. Heart: Venous heart i.e., only deoxygenated blood is transported through the heart. Two chambered-one auricle and one ventricle.

9. Excretory system: Two mesonephric type kidneys.

10. Cranial nerves: Ten pairs.

11. Ear: Only internal.

12. Sex: Unisexual.

13. Development: Indirect.

14. Reproductive organs: One pair of gonads with gonoducts.


Class 1-Elasmobranchii e.g. scoliodon, zygaena, trygon, pristis, torpedo.

Class 2-Holocephalii e.g. chimaera.

Class 3-Dipnoi e.g. protopterus, lepidosiren.

Class 4 - Teleostomi e.g. latimerta) polypterus, amia (bow fish), notopterus (knife fish), labeo, catla, cyprinus, heteropneustes, clarias, wallago, mystus, auguilla (Eel), exocoetus (Flying fish), hippocampus (sea horse), syngnathus (Pipe fish), ophiocephalus, anabas (climbing fish), synaptura (flat fish), echineis (remora), tetradon (Globe fish), diodon (porcupine fish).

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