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Phylum Mollusca Animals

Definition-Soft bodied animals, basically bilaterally symmetrical. Non-segmented, usually protected by a calcarious shell secreted by an envelope known as mantle enclosing a muscular mass the foot.

Phylum Mollusca Animals General Characters-

1. Body organization: Organ system grade.

2. Triploblastic, coelomate, unsegmented except monoplacophora.

3. Symmetry: Bilateral.

4. Shell: Monovalvular or bivalvular or absent or internal.

5. Body coelom: Restricted mainly to the pericardial, gonadal and renal sinuses.

6. Digestive system: Complete, glands, liver and hepatopancreas.

7. Circulatory system: Closed type mainly, but in some cases it is open type opens into some sinuses, heart with auricle and ventricle, haemocyanin is the respiratory pigment.

8. Respiratory system: Gills or lungs or both.

9. Excretion: By nephridia or kidney.

10. Nervous system: Paired ganglia, connectives and nerves.

11. Sense organs: Eyes, statocyst, sense or touch, smell and gustatory.

12. Reproductive system: Dioecious or monoecious, gonads with one or two ducts.

13. Fertilization: External or internal.

14. Development: Direct or with free swimming larval forms.

15. Habit and habitat: Terrestrial, aquatic, marine or fresh water.


Class 1-Monoplacophora e.g. neopilina.

Class 2-Amphineura e.g. chiton.

Class 3-Scaphopoda e.g. denalium.

Class 4-Gastropoda e.g. patella, pila, cypraea (caurie), aplysia, doris, mex slug, helix and land snail.

Class 5-Pelecypoda or Bivalvia or Lamellibranchia e.g. ostrea, mytillus, oecten, teredo (ship worm), unio, anodonta.

Class 6-Cephalopoda or Siphonopoda e.g. nautilus, loligo, squid, sepia (cuttle fish), octopus.

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