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Circulatory system: exclusively develops from mesoderm of the embryo. It includes the blood, lymph, heart and vessels. This system supplies the food and gases to the different parts of the body via blood. The metabolic wastes are also regularly removed.

Circulatory system keeps body fluid circulating throughout e body regularly.


(1) Intra-cellular circulation: Circulation within the single cell like amoeba, paramecium and in all the living cells. The cytoplasm exhibits the streaming movements. This is also known as Cydosis.

(2) Extra-cellular circulation: Circulation outside the cell. It may be further sub-divided as follows -

(a) Water vascular system: For example sponges, coelenterates, echinodermates. In aquatic animals (mentioned above) water enters the body cavities.

(b) Intra-organismic circulation: In certain higher non-chordates including annelids and in air chordates, this type of circulation is present. These organisms need more supply of oxygen which is supplied quickly by circulatory system present in them. This type of circulatory system can be divided into the following two types

(i) Blood vascular system: This system is present in higher non¬chordates (including annelids) and chordates. It consists of blood vessels, blood sinuses and heart.

(ii) Lymphatic system: Blood vascular system can be divided into following two types -

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