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System Architecture - Planning And Control

Planning And Control

The manufacturing control and planning functions are main factor to achieving the goals of minimum cost, minimum lead-time, and high quality. This is hence important to identify with the basic principles of manufacturing control and planning. The initial objective of a Manufacturing Planning and Control System or MPCS in any type of organization is to ensure that the preferred products are manufactured on the right quantities, in the right time, at minimum cost, and meeting quality specifications. The main elements of an integrated manufacturing control and planning system are classified into two types:

Production Planning

  • Demand management,
  • Aggregate production planning,
  • Master production planning,
  • Rough-cut capacity planning,
  • Material requirement planning, and
  • Capacity requirement planning.

Production Control

  • Shop floor control,
  • Inventory control,
  • Manufacturing resource planning, and
  • Just-in-time production system.

In the given sub-sections, we offer a basic understanding of every of these elements of Manufacturing Planning and Control System.


Aggregate Production Planning Capacity Requirement Planning or CRP
Demand Management Inventory Control
Just-In-Time (JIT) Production Systems Manufacturing Resource Planning or MRP II
Master Production Schedule or MPS Material Requirement Planning or MRP
Rough-cut Capacity Planning Shop Floor Control or SFC

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