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Computing in Computer Integrated Manufacturing

The term "computer-integrated manufacturing" is both a method of manufacturing and the name of a computer-automated system whether individual marketing, production, engineering, and also support functions of a manufacturing enterprise are organized. As like design, cost accounting, planning, purchasing, analysis, inventory control, and also distribution are linked through the computer along with factory floor functions as like materials handling and management, giving direct monitoring and control of each operations in a CIM system functional areas.

A method of manufacturing, three components differ CIM from other manufacturing methodologies are:

1) Means for data retrieval, storage, presentation and manipulation;

2) Mechanisms for modifying processes and sensing state;

3) For uniting the data processing component along with the sensor or modification component algorithms is use.

CIM is an illustration of the implementation of information and communication technologies or ICTs in manufacturing.
CIM signify that there are at least two computers exchanging information, for example: controller of a micro-controller and an arm robot of a CNC machine.

Several factors involved while considering production volume are implemented by a CIM; experience the company or personnel to make the integration, the integration level into the product itself and the production process's integration. CIM is most helpful whereas a high level of ICT is utilized in the company or facility, as like CAD/CAM systems, process planning's availability and its data.

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