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Computing in Computer Integrated Manufacturing - Random Search Optimisation Techniques

Random Search Optimisation Techniques


Random search optimization techniques or RSOPT submit to a class of innovative computational algorithms such have emerged like a tool to resolve various real world problems of the difficult nature.

In currents years, Random Search Optimization Techniques or RSOT have been applied to solve numerous real world problems of difficult nature. The mainly common random investigate optimization techniques as figure given below:

  • Genetic Algorithm or GA
  • Simulated Annealing or SA
  • Ant Colony Optimization or ACO
  • Artificial Immune System or AIS
  • Tabu Search or TS

The concentration of this section is to illustrate the aforementioned random search optimization technique application over operation, scheduling problems and planning in Manufacturing Systems. The major objective of this section is to build you entirely aware of the basics of different random optimization methods and their step-wise procedure also to resolve any type of complex problem.

                   1006_Random Search Optimisation Techniques.png


                                        Figure: Common Random Search Optimization Techniques


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