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SA Applications In Machine Scheduling Of FMS

Description of Machine Scheduling in Flexible manufacturing systems

Generally, Flexible manufacturing systems provides a flexibility to select a machine to present a specific operation as well as permits numerous routings. Such routings provides an option to decide the proper machine that is capable to the operation conduct. Even though two machines are considered in flexible manufacturing systems then their scheduling problem falls in the category of the non- polynomial or NP hard. Because of the fact that NC machines are utilized for processing, automated set-up in between the operations are computer controlled and two consecutive operations, processing time is deterministic. In the given subsection, detailed description of scheduling with the underlying objective is shown.

Problem Description

In the problem a job j ∈ J; here j is the set of the jobs such as j = 1, 2, 3, . . . , J. J is the maximum number of the jobs from time 0 onwards that is to be assigned to a machine m ∈ M; here m is the set of machines such as m = 1, 2, 3, . . . , M. M being the maximum number of machines, such as the make span is minimum. All jobs to be processed undergoes a set of operations oj ∈ Oj ; and here oj is the set of operations for job j. Oj is the sum of number of operations. At the moment, flexibility lies in the selection of machines between the available alternatives for an exact operation of the job. The time needed by any type of machine m to perform oth operation of job j is indicated by tjom. The objective of the problem is to schedule the operations of the jobs in a way such the make span is minimized.


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